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All good supplied by T. F. R. Supplies (The Company) are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

Pack Quantities
Whilst every endeavour is made by The Company to maintain pack quantities as stated in The Company Catalogues, from time to time these may change without prior notification.
The normal conditions of sale within The Fastener Industry allows for a delivery of Plus or Minus 10% on quantities ordered. T. F.R. Supplies will trade accordingly and will not credit an apparent surplus within those limits. Similarly the supply of any shortages will be subject to the conditions imposed by our suppliers.

Prices quoted are subject to increase without prior notice to meet increases beyond the control of The Company, or where accidental error or omission affect the price or its calculation. All prices quoted exclude V. A. T.
It is important to note that price lists are a “guide” to prices only and we would recommend that you call The Company to confirm price ruling at a given date. The Company is not able to accept liability for errors or omissions.
Whilst every effort is made to assist the buyer by providing “Priced Delivery Notes”, this is done in the field and it must be stated that errors do occur in prices and calculations. These will be corrected without prior notification at time of Invoicing.

Orders for stock items will normally be delivered in the time period agreed at the time of order, however The Company shall not be liable for any delays occasioned by causes beyond its control. Any shortage of delivery or damage to goods must be notified to The Company in writing within 3 days of delivery. No returns will be accepted without prior arrangement. No specially ordered goods will be accepted for return under any circumstances. Goods returned with no fault on the part The Company will be liable to handling charge of not less than 20%. Any goods accepted for return (not under warranty) must be in a condition acceptable for resale.

Where the Customer requires orders to be accompanied by a Purchase Order Number, this number must be provided at or before the time of delivery. When no order number is provided, all orders will be treated as a verbal order. No order once accepted may be cancelled or amended without The Company’s written agreement. A Scheduled Order (i.e. an order calling for delivery spread over a specific period) shall constitute unqualified authority to supply all goods under the order and the customer shall be liable to pay for all such goods from the date of Contract. All orders accepted by The Company are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Title to goods
Title to the goods remains vested in The Company so long as any sum due to The Company on whatever account or grounds is unpaid. The Buyer agrees that The Company in seeking to exercise its rights under this clause, may at any reasonable time enter The Buyers premises and remove The Company’s goods.

Risk in the goods passes to The Buyer on delivery and The Company are not responsible for any loss, damage or physical injury consequent upon their use, as we are unable to exercise any control over the use, misuse, application or misapplication of our products and goods.

Payment terms
1. Payment is strictly net and is due 30 days after the date of invoice.
2. The Company shall be entitled to suspend or cancel deliveries if any payment due from the Buyer is not made on the due date.
3. The Company reserves the right to charge monthly interest on overdue accounts for each month or part thereof. An account becomes overdue on the 31st day after invoice date. Interest to be charged at 1.5% per month.
4. Any legal expenses incurred to recover overdue accounts to be added on to the debt being collected.

Any disputes arising between The Buyer and The Company under these Terms and Conditions shall be determined by English
Law. In addition The Company is a member of The Quality Assurance Association and undertakes to abide by the decisions of the
Quality Assurance Ombudsman.

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